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Beware of the chilling cold along with the horrors that lurk within the halls of the Arctic Research Base simply known as Base 75. You play as a lone Arctic Biologist who ended up getting lost in a Snow Storm and must take refuge in Base 75. However, the base appears to have no power (no heat) and its clear that you’re not alone. Will you be able to find a way out of this predicament or get killed by either the freezing cold or from what things that lurk in the base?

Frostbite: Deadly Climate is a First-Person Survival-Horror game, with gameplay primarily consisting of combat, exploration, and puzzle-solving. Along with a heavy focus on Atmospheric/Psychological Horror over Cheap/Mindless Jumpscares.

One big aspect of this game that sets it apart from other Horror games is that players need to constantly watch and manage their character’s body temperature. Throughout the game the player character’s body temperature will decrease and the lower the player will witness some negative effects such as less stamina and accuracy with weapons and if body temperature hits zero then the player will start losing health and risk freezing to death. Players can combat this by taking Heat Drinks that regain their Body Temperature and spending less time in much colder areas.

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Screen Shots


Game Created by Alex Olinkiewicz


- All additional models, textures, and Images have been modified/altered by Alex Olinkiewicz for the use of this game -

Artificial Intelligence

AI Behavior Toolkit -by- Drix Studios

Game Settings

Quality Game Settings -by- Henrik Goldsack

Post Processing

Chameleon Post Process -by- Volkan Sahin

Human Models and Animations from

Adobe Fuse CC (Beta)/

Dog Model and Animations from

YF Groups - Free Unreal Engine 4 Animals

Bear Model and Animations from

Infinity Blade: Adversaries - Asset Pack

Sound Effects & Music from & V.G.'s Sound Packs

Photos and Images from,, &

Additional Models from &


Unreal Engine 4
Autodesk 3DS Max
Adobe Fuse CC
Adobe Animate CC 2017
Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

3D Prop Models

Level Layout

Early Development Footage

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