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- a Pixelated Horror game & prototype to FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate -

Beware of the horrors below the ice. In the shoes of the last remaining member of a secret research team, you awaken to a bitter cold and discover the dead bodies of your friends. Will you be able to solve the mystery, or will you meet the same frigid fate as them?

This is a short survival-horror game, inspired by games like Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason, Silent Hill, Resident Evil (specifically RE7), and Alpha Polaris. This game contains NO Jump-scares of any kind, rather it focus on atmosphere and trying to survive a freezing cold environment.

The game plays in the first-person perspective, but it fallows gameplay similar to old-school survival games, such as a limited inventory, exploration, health drinks, key findings, etc. One of the games main mechanics is the "Body Temp System". Throughout the game your body temperature slowly decreases. The colder the area you are in, the faster your body temperature will drop. As your body temperature drops, your character's stamina will deplete faster; your hands will shake, and your vision will blur. If your body temperature reaches zero, your health will begin to drain. If your health hits zero, it is Game Over. This game contains no checkpoints or have any save system, so if your character dies in the game, you have to start the game from the very beginning. However, this game is very short, if you know what your doing, you could beat this game in about 5 minutes.



Game Created by Alex Olinkiewicz, Additional Help from Brandon Camp (Intro/Outro. Textures, & Sound Design) & William Brannigan (Particle Effects, Character Remodeling, & Additional Polish). Game Engine - Unreal Engine 4, Additional Models - &, and Sound Effects -

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Dead Command

- a game I created in 48 hours -


An outbreak happened in the Laboratory you worked at and you are injured and infected. Taking refuge, you must use a computer to control a Robot through Text Commands in order for it to make an antidote, fix the elevator, and deliver you the cure. Be warned, you can only do one action (text command) at a time and you don't have much time til the infection takes over.


This game was made in 48hrs for the Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam 2019. Programming and design by Alex Olinkiewicz, with models, sounds and some effects obtained from the Unreal Engine 4 Asset Store.


- a simple Match-Three Game made in Adobe Flash -


Bottlecap Jack, has a massive obsession of collecting bottlecaps, he has collected so many bottlecaps over the years that he now decided he wants to hire someone to help organized his collection. Help organize his collection through a Match 3 style game.


Game Create in Adobe Animate CC 2017 with sound effects provided from


- my first game I made in Unreal Engine 4 -


This is a simple platformer with enemies, moving platforms, weapons, pick-ups, level select, etc. that I created within a short period of time. It mostly served as a practice project, just to get a solid understanding on how to create games within the Unreal 4 Engine. 


Game Create in the Unreal Engine 4 and artwork and animation done in Adobe Animate CC 2017

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