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Using my knowledge and skills to bring games with fun, creative, and engaging stories, characters, worlds, and player interactions to life.



  • Team leadership

  • Hard and fast worker

  • Next-gen video game platforms

  • Creative Writer

  • Skills in Unreal Engine 4 programing

  • Skills in 3D Modeling

  • Skills in Graphic Designs

  • Skills in Level Design



Bachelor’s Degree: Game Art & Design; 3.9 GPA

Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division – Pittsburgh, PA                                                                 April 2018



Developed a Video Game, FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate

Wrote, 3D Modeled, Level Designed, Bug Tested, and Programed a fully playable game in the Unreal 4 Engine.



YouTube Content Creator                                                                                                2008 - Current

Created a YouTube video about my life with Autism when I was 16 called "In My Mind (A video about Asperger's/Autism)". The video has been viewed by over 1.5 Million views, was nominated for the 2008 YouTube Awards, and has been received allot of positive praise from Parents and Teachers.


Guest Speaker / Book Author

Future Horizons, Inc. – Arlington, TX                                                                             2012 - Current

Written a Book version of "In My Mind (A video about Asperger's/Autism)" with some help from Dr. Richard O’Connell. The book was once self-published, but has now been picked by a professional publisher: Future Horizons, Inc

Spoke at the following organizations Westchester's Counselors Association, Nassau Counselors Association, twice at the Western Suffolk Counselors Association, and at The Counselor Administrator and Parents Conference with over 125 in attendance.

Have done multiple book signings at book stores, libraries, schools and conferences.

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